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When doing apparel shoots we know how important a good stylist is, but when doing shoes (wanting full talent images) then a super stylist is critical. The entire wardrobe needs to be sourced - not an easy task. Recently we undertook the Hush Puppies Autumn Winter 2018 campaign with 15 different looks, a dog and on location outdoors.  Milana was our absolute secret weapon - not only was her ability to make even the most ordinary shoe look on point with today's fashion, there wasn't one outfit that had to be managed, deleted or changed.  Milana arrived early with her wardrobe and accessories and worked her magic.  Her calm demeanor combined with her amazing talent delivered us a campaign that was perfect on every level.  

Sue Perry - Partner & Co-Founder 1der Creative Agency

Melbourne, VIC

Milana was a joy to work with. Not only did she nail the brief for an advertising photoshoot, she brought an open, friendly and fun energy. Her creative eye shone through every aspect of the shoot - from clothing and accessories, flat lay and propping. Milana went above and beyond her role as the shoot stylist, with a kind and humble attitude - a rare asset in today's working world. St Dakota brand agency highly recommend Milana.

Sarah Fritz - St Dakota Brand Agency Director

Melbourne, VIC

My creative partner and I have had the good fortune of working with Milana on several significant projects, most notably the production of our original television series, “The Weatherman”. For over a year, Milana provided her invaluable services to the show as a Costume Designer and Head of Wardrobe, managing the responsibility of not only dressing the entire cast but innumerable other tasks across the show’s production. On the strength of the Australian production work, “The Weatherman” was later commissioned in the USA by 20th Century Fox and Fox Network, and many positive comments were made to us regarding the show’s production value and aesthetic by very senior industry professionals.

Milana is a versatile, hard-working, passionate and very amicable woman with virtually limitless talent in her field. We would not hesitate to recommend her and would happily elaborate if required. Feel free to reach out to us at hello@renderr.com.au if you have further enquiries.

Lucas Crandles - Managing Director of Renderr Media Pty Ltd

Melbourne, VIC

Milana is one of the best stylists I have worked with. Her attention to detail and love of what she does really separates her from the rest. Her fashion forward approach is why I will always continue to have her work on my shoots. Thank you Milana.

Joe Habbaki - Owner of Toni & Guy, Armadale.

Melbourne, VIC

Milana has helped me create the most stunning creations. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else!

Natasha King - Owner of Fred's Hair Salon

Invercargill, New Zealand

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